1. To enable the parent to understand the child, keeping social and emotional connection with them.

  2. To assist the parent in choosing the right curriculum as per child’s strengths and abilities.

  3. To assist the parent in understanding the interests and attitude of the child.

  4. To enable the parent to accept their limitations and strengths.

  5. Assist parents in evaluating child’s aptitude, strengths, and weaknesses.

  6. To address the Socio-Emotional needs of your child.

  7. To motivate and give confidence to parents



  1. To strengthen the concepts and bring them to life with visual and practical learning experiences, which will help students apply their knowledge to real life situations

  2. To assist the educators to understand the importance of triggering curiosity and how to set up an instigating provocation

  3. To share the importance of 'Play' and how it helps to build skills in early years.

  4. How to achieve socio - emotional learning of children in class.

  5. To strengthen inquiry based learning for nurture life long learners.